Picture of Oscar


Guitar in hand at age 4, the instrument larger than himself, Oscar joined Academia Mangoreana as protégé of Jose Candido Morales, gatekeeper Master disciple of Agustin Barrios. At age 11, he became the first non-adult instructor descendant of The Twelve Mangoreans.

After successful early years, a left pinky fracture saw him park his guitar and study Engineering, then Mathematics and Computer Science in the US —where he landed guitarless and clueless of culture (and language).

He got a new one in 2013, and has been since performing, composing, and instructing.

12+ years, 150+ lbs and 3' later, the instrument remains larger than, and he himself clueless of... though he managed to learn English despite sounding like Puss in Boots. That one. From Shrek.