Picture of Oscar

Del Barrios resides in the US, has one relative left, two chihuahuas, more equipment than he can manage, thrice as many acquaintances, a wonderful booking agent, and a textbook case of ADHD.

He was born in Central America to transient Iberian and Ashkenazi Jewish families that fled WWII, and spent his formative years in Northeast Spain, Latin America, and Miami, FL, where he received accelerated education.

Nothing was known of ADHD to his parents whom, to keep him away from internals of engines and electronic devices, enrolled him in guitar study. He performed and taught until the accidental fracture of his left pinky at age 15.

Returning to the guitar in 2013, he composes original Nuevo Flamenco pieces and produces polyphonic arrangements of commercial hits for one and two guitars, which he delivers solo (in a live multi-tracking loop act), and in duo with his good friend, Master virtuoso Jose Valle Fajardo 'Chuscales'.